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    U.S. Address Hygiene Services

    • Address Hygiene and NCOA LINK
    • Appartment Append
    • DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Second Generation)
    • Deceased Suppression
    • DMA Pander Suppression

    Canadian Address Hygiene Services

    • Canadian Address Hygiene with SERP Certification
    • Canadian NCOA
    • eWorld Canadian Automated Service

    Unlock the Power of Data Quality Services:

    Utilizing Data Quality Services guarantees that your databases are free of undeliverable, duplicate, and erroneous records. This optimization ensures that your data analytics and business intelligence efforts yield accurate and reliable results.

    • Address Hygiene Services: Our Address Hygiene Services are designed to meticulously standardize, correct, and validate your domestic and Canadian addresses, guaranteeing optimal deliverability for your communications.
    • Comprehensive Data Quality Solutions:  Whether you’re dealing with postal, email, or phone data, we offer tailored contact data quality services to meet the unique requirements of your business.
    • Leading-Edge Technology: Harness the power of our leading-edge technology and marketing expertise. We empower you to manage, maintain, and process domestic and Canadian data efficiently.
    • Strategic Data Analysis: Work with us to determine the crucial information your marketing campaigns should capture. We establish user-friendly reports that not only analyze your data but also provide actionable insights for future marketing decisions.

    U.S. Address Hygiene Services

    Address Hygiene & US NCOA Link™ Annually, over 40 million Americans move. The NCOA Link™ database provides 48 months of mover data and is the most comprehensive change of address service offered by the USPS®. The NCOA Link™ process* provides CASS certified output, Address Standardization, Zip+4, Zip Correction, Carrier Route Coding and Delivery Point Validation (DPV) information. The NCOA Link™ process meets move update requirements allowing mailers to qualify for USPS® postage discounts.
    Apartment Append Improve deliverability and increase response rates by appending apartment numbers to records that cannot be Zip+4 coded. This service is performed prior to matching your data file to the NCOA Link™ file.
    DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Second Generation) Validate and standardize your addresses down to the delivery point by matching your file against all 145+ million-delivery points on the USPS database. DSF2 processing is based on a USPS® approved matching process. Addresses are identified as business versus residential delivery points and Pseudo Delivery Sequence Numbers for walk sequence postal discounts are provided.
    Deceased Supression Eliminate deceased individuals from your file to improve response rates, lower costs, and improve your company’s image by minimizing mailings to deceased individuals. The file contains over 40 million deceased individuals and typical match rates fall between 1% and 3%. Unique to this suppression file is “Deceased Probability Index” methodology, which will enable mailers to more intelligently identify deceased names and allow for a better determination if a name should be suppressed.
    DMA Pander Suppression We will suppress your data against a database provided by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) of individuals who have registered to opt-out from receiving advertising mail.


    Mailing costs are high enough without the added drain of undeliverable addresses weighing down your profits. Bad, undeliverable and improperly formatted addresses on your file drive up your mailing, printing and postage costs.

    Our Address Hygiene Services will:
    • Improve deliverability by validating and correcting postal addresses
    • Eliminate bad & undeliverable records from your files and databases
    • Cut out wasted print, postage, and other production costs incurred by bad data
    • Increase direct mail ROI
    • Increase the accuracy of subsequent Merge/Purge & NCOA Processing
    • Increase the value of your data for list rental or lead generation purposes Data Services, Inc. offers US, Canadian, and International address hygiene services.

    Canadian Address Hygiene Services

    Canadian Address Hygiene with SERP Certification
    The Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) is a vital tool for helping mailers maintain their address accuracy rate for each direct mail campaign and to ensure continued quality in their internal house file databases. The CPC (Canada Post Corporation) encourages mailers to address mail accurately for more efficient processing and delivery of mail. Improve your merge/purge results, save money and improve mail delivery by standardizing your Canadian postal addresses using our certified address hygiene processing.
    Canadian NCOA
    It’s often more cost effective to stay connected to a current client than acquire a new one. Over 1 million households and businesses file a change of address notification with Canada Post each year. Mover types are mostly family and individual, with businesses making up approximately 5% of the overall database. The Canadian NCOA database updates monthly and has over 11 million records spanning the last six years. Canadian NCOA processing may be performed in conjunction with Canadian Address Hygiene, but this is not a requirement. The rate of return, or number of records that match the Canadian mover database typically varies between fractions of a percent to 6%.
    eWorld Canadian Automated Service
    Canadian Address Hygiene with SERP Certification, Canadian NCOA and Canadian Marketing Association Pander Suppression Flag services are also available through our eWorld automated service on our website. eWorld allows you to benefit from dramatically faster turnaround times, lower costs, and automated data transfers all with our continued high level of quality control.

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