Direct Mail Campaign Processing

  • Merge Purge & Duplicate Removal
  • Address Hygiene, Standardization
  • CASS Certification
  • NCOA 48 Month Processing
  • Deceased & DMA Pander Suppression
  • Canadian NCOA & Pander Suppression

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    Direct Mail Campaign Processing Services

    On average, 20% of the records within a given contact database are bad, undeliverable, or improperly formatted. Keeping these contact addresses on your file will not only drive-up mailing, printing and postage costs, but also cause you to draw false conclusions from analytics undertaken on invalid data.

    Our Address Hygiene Services will:

    • Improve deliverability by validating and correcting postal addresses
    • Eliminate bad & undeliverable records from your files and databases
    • Cut out wasted print, postage, and other production costs incurred by bad data
    • Increase direct mail ROI
    • Increase the accuracy of subsequent Merge/Purge & NCOA Processing
    • Increase the value of your data for list rental or analytics purposes

    Data Services offers U.S. & Canadian Address Hygiene Services.

    U.S. Address Hygiene Services

    • Address Hygiene and NCOA LINK
    • Appartment Append
    • DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File Second Generation)
    • Deceased Suppression

    Canadian Address Hygiene Services

    • Canadian Address Hygiene with SERP Certification
    • Canadian NCOA
    • eWorld Canadian Automated Service
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