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    Enhance Your Customer and Prospect Data

    Find more prospects that match the profile of your existing customers and add these new prospects to your LEX Customer Data Management Platform.
    Data Services provides data enhancement services for both business and residential lead and customer data to boost the results. Enhancing your customer file with demographics, psychographics, and firmographics helps you develop your targeting criteria to expand your market.
    Data Services Customer Data Enhancement Services improves your mailing & email lists so you can be sure you’re mailing to the right prospects. Data Services provides you with the targeted marketing solutions you need. We sift through your customer list so you know your contact information and other data attributes are accurate. With accurate leads, your team can get a higher ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).
    • Email Verification: Stop invalid, fraudulent and malicious emails from getting on your email list. Fix data entry errors and salvage leads.
    • Address Verification/Append:  Add names and postal addresses for direct marketing.
    • Telephone Verification/Append: Validate quality of phone number at submission and know if the number is business, residential, or mobile. Append phone if you have business name/zip code or residential name/zip code.
    • Consumer demographic Intelligence: Enhance your lead form database with demographic, interest and purchase data, such as gender, age, income, donor history and more.
    • Business demographic Intelligence: Enhance your lead form database with business prospect firmographic data such as size of the business, annual revenue, industry (SIC/NAICS), years in business, corporate family tree.

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    Founded in 1967, Data Services provides U.S. and Canadian Database Management, Data Quality, Data Enhancement and Email Services to Direct & Data-Driven Marketers.
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