List Rental Fulfillment & Database Management

List Express Platform

LEX, the data management platform designed for

  • List Owners
  • List Managers
  • List Brokers

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    LEX Data Management Platform

    The LEX (List Express) platform allows list owners, list managers and list brokers to have access to their data at the tip of their fingers.  With LEX, you have the flexibility to run list counts and fulfill rental orders on your own or leverage the expertise of our dedicated fulfillment representatives.

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    • 24/7 Online Access: Gain full control over your files and databases with 24/7 online access through our web interface. From selections and counts to order shipments, manage the entire List Rental Fulfillment process at your convenience.
    • Versatile List Types – Our proprietary system accommodates consumer and business lists, email lists, and supports both Relational and Non-Relational (flat) list or database architectures. All postal address elements adhere to U.S., Canadian, and International standards.
    • List Setup & Updating – Recognizing the uniqueness of each list, our experts collaborate with you to ensure no detail is overlooked. We convert, standardize, code, and subject all lists to rigorous hygiene procedures, maintaining the highest quality of records.
    • Quality Control Measures – Our strict schedule of quality control measures guarantees accuracy throughout processing. Upon completion, a comprehensive field counts report is provided for your approval before the list is made available.
    • Order Tracking and Decoys – Effortlessly track orders and add decoy names to output files as needed. Detailed shipping reports, customizable to your requirements, keep you informed about the status of each shipped order.
    • List Enhancement – Make your list more valuable by having us add consumer or business data from our comprehensive database.
    • Prior Order Omissions – Never select the same record twice.  LEX gives you the ability to suppress any prior order you created.

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